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“I have been an enthusiastic follower of Frank’s work for many years, and without a doubt, he stands out as one of the most exceptional analysts in the industry. 

Frank consistently delivers insightful analysis and presents actionable trade setups to the subscribers of CappThesis through his diverse range of reports. His work serves as a valuable resource, offering a steady stream of thoughtful perspectives that active investors can rely on. By combining his expertise with a price action focused approach, Frank has developed a truly distinctive offering that provides unparalleled value.

If you’re an investor seeking reliable insights and opportunities, I wholeheartedly recommend subscribing to CappThesis. Frank’s expertise and dedication make it an indispensable resource for anyone looking to make informed decisions in the market.”

Charlie Kirk

The Kirk Report

“I read Morning Trends every morning, and Last Licks every afternoon.  Frank has an acute ability to focus on the major technical trends in markets.  CappThesis’s technical analysis helps me manage all my positions.”

Steve Anderson

Private Investor

“I find the Postscript reports of most value. Frank’s perspective is amongst the best I have found for an ETF centric investor, and dovetails with a couple of macro services I also subscribe to.”

Brian Brown

Private Investor

“I’ve known Frank for years and there are very few people who can take the complex world of technical analysis and make it real world and easy to explain. He goes over hundreds of charts each day, so I don’t have to, sharing what he finds to be the most actionable and relevant trends. No one has all the answers, but Frank’s ability to process market trends and quickly switch his opinion if he is wrong is what sets him apart for most. At the end of the day, he is a great person and better friend, but his market chops are still pretty good and that is what makes him special.”

Ryan Detrick

Chief Market Strategist, Carson Group

CappThesis is an excellent complement to my own research, with a view into the larger trends taking place in the equity markets. I particularly find the pattern work and ETF performance statistics that CappThesis publishes, to be a more timely and reliable measure of overall market sentiment than traditional survey sources. 

Roy Scribner

Private Investor

“If you’ve made your way to the CappThesis website, you already recognized that Frank is a gifted technician.  For me, the service serves as a compass to keep me headed the right direction in the markets.  The notes Frank delivers are consistent. You will know exactly what to expect with each one, which in a world of information overload, makes processing and applying the information easy and efficient. 

Sagar Parikh

Parikh, Mehta & Associates

I look forward to receiving Frank’s newsletter each night and morning.  The research is very graphic and straightforward. In my over 50 years of investing and listening to advisors, Frank is one of the top ones I have ever experienced. I’ll be continuing my subscription.

Michael Goldstein

Private Investor

Context is everything when navigating tough market conditions. In this regard, Frank’s insights are absolutely invaluable in triangulating the technical piece of the puzzle with my own macro and fundamental views.

Jason chew

Private Investor

CappThesis clients receive pre and post-market content, augmented by in-depth videos and a weekend wrap up.